...online stores selling Kat’s geocoins and links to other miscellany.  Italics indicate coins that are sold out.  Keep an eye on eBay and in the Geocoin Forums for sales or trades of those.

Year of the Ox (2009)                           

Chinese Lantern (2009)

Elements Compass - Earth, Water, Sun, Air

Geochat - The Stampede (2009)

Year of the Tiger (2010)

Damselfly 2010

Medicine Wheel Geocoin (2010)

Butterfly 2010

Cache Icons Geocoins (pending)

Moebius Geocoin (2009)

Tick Racer (Geocoin Club April 2010)

Lotus Geocoin - Aten, Set, Nepthys, Osiris, Anubis

9-9-9 Multi-Event Geocoin (2009)

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